Dwjuan has been immersed in arts his entire life. He attended Interlochen Arts Academy for high school, where he majored in painting, drawing, ceramics and wood cut. While in college at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Dwjuan traded story telling in a single frame for the multiple frames of film and video. He considers his path as a producer a natural progression, he has worked his way up from a production assistant to having over eighteen feature credits as a Producer. His most current Producer credits include the 2017 Sundance Midnight Series premier XX, and 2014 Midnight Series premier of Virtually Heroes. Dwjuan’s credits also include: Holidays (2016), About Scout (2015), Ask Me Anything (2014) and Mario Van Peebles We the Party (2012).

Dwjuan took a hiatus from his motion picture career at the start of the Bosnian / Kosovo conflict and joined the US Army. After quickly gaining the rank of Sergeant, Dwjuan transitioned to the officer core and served as a Tank Commander and Platoon Leader in a forward deployed armored battalion in the Republic of Korea. Dwjuan completed his military commission in a special unit created to train and track three brigades of deploying soldiers to Operation Iraqi Freedom. While at the 7th ID IRT, Dwjuan developed the IRT Standard Arabic Language and Culture Program. Dwjuan went on to obtain his master’s degree in producing from the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles California. In consequent years Dwjuan has become the recipient of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, Bank of America and Producer’s Guild of America Diversity Awards. Dwjuan has also taught The Art of Line Producing and Movie Magic Budgeting at UCLA Extension.

Next to founding Decipher Entertainment, Dwjuan holds his most notable work yet, as producing the documentary feature, The Rescuers. The Rescuers was nominated for a 2012 Image Award. The documentary gave Dwjuan an opportunity to combine his film and military training by maneuvering up to 20 personnel, and equipment, by train, plane and automobile through thirteen different countries and five currencies over a combined six months of filming, all the while creating a project with substantial significance to the past and future state of humanity.


As a graduate of the American Film Institute, Nicolas Emiliani has produced several feature films, over 50 music videos, viral spots, documentaries and commercials.

Recent features include “Scout,” from acclaimed Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominated director Laurie Weltz, “Ask Me Anything,” featuring rising star Britt Robertson and the documentaries “Touch the Wall,” “Cubanamerican,” and “Seduced and Abandoned.”

Nicolas has worked with creative talent such as Academy Award winner® Ellen Burstyn, music legends Quincy Jones, Elton John, Carlos Santana and Andrea Bocelli, and worldwide stars Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Steven Segal, Mana, and Juanes. Corporate clients have included ABC, Time Warner, and Sotheby’s.

With his multicultural background of Spanish and Italian heritage, Nicolas understands the global importance of diversity in the projects he chooses, which has allowed him to move easily around the world between Colombia, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Panama, Mexico and the United States.

J. X. Carrera

J. X. Carrera is a multi-platform producer, director and writer who has worked extensively with media companies both in the U.S. and East Asia. He has worked on the enterprise level, developing long-form, short-form and micro content across multiple distribution platforms, and has delivered over three thousand projects for clients ranging from entertainment and tech, to news and the fashion industry.